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Ludwig Sound Boutique Vol. I

Ludwig Sound Boutique-First Class Electro Swing Vol. 1 is the first compilation realized by Ludwig Sound and Chin Chin records.


Newest Addition to Ludwig Sound’s Live Roster

Kiss me yesterday

Ludwig Sound’s new Live Roster Addition:
Club des Belugas and Tape Five!

Ludwig Sound’s Live Roster is from today enriched by two world class NuJazz and Neoswing Orchestra which are well known from thousands of samplers and even from TV commercials or movie scores. Club des Belugas is high class Nujazz at it’s best. Within their twelve pieced dicography are included a bunch of hits and masterpieces which proof the success of this outstanding band in all over the world. Tape Five had taken a key function in bringing Electro Swing to the top. This eight pieced orchestra just showed last year what they are able to do live on stage. Have a look on the live footage from Seoul below!


Welcome: Nikola Vujicic

Nikola Vujicic

It’s a special pleasure to announce the youngest member of the Ludwig Sound Family:
Nikola Vujicic

By the way: Nikola produced first official Ludwig Sound mix! Thanks a lot!


Welcome: Kiss Me Yesterday

Kiss me yesterday

Ludwig Sound welcomes the Live Electro Swing Trio from Vienna: Kiss Me Yesterday

Kiss me yesterday


Cirque Musical Vol IV

Cirques Musical

The Show must go on!


Cirque Musical Vol III

It’s a very special pleasure to announce:

Cirques Musical


Cirques Musical Vol. I

Cirques Musical

Cirques Musical – The unique event of mashing up circus and Electro Swing!

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I’m Ur MF – Video Release

I'm Ur MF
Video Release of KATH’s “I’m ur MF”!

Watch it here!


Support KATH’s new video shot

Kitten & the Hip

Announcement of Kitten &The Hip.

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Lamuzgueule in Germany

Lamuzgueule on Tour

Finally, great Electro Swing conglomerate Lamuzgueule is entering geman stages!

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