Mama Afrika


MaMaAFR!KA is an artistic project born around the eclectic and visionary figure of B. B. CiCO"Z.

MaMaAFR!KA is an artist collective, who offers an original and explosive show mixing different music genres as reggae, ska, rumba, rap, punk, samba, Ragamuffin, folk, funk and rock in a tipical world/pachanka style.

MaMaAFR!KA set a sacred feeling by playing music that connects people to source energy, magic and love.

In the last five years he performed as an MC, singer and composer with Roy Paci & Aretuska (Toda Joia Toda Beleza); he had many collaborations in Italy (Negrita: Un giorno di ordinaria magia) and in Spain (Che Sudaka); he recorded a solo album (Love, Roots and Future) and he shared the stage with Manu Chao in Italy.

In 2014 MaMaAFR!KA played in 80 shows in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain.

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Tel: +49 (0)176 99775788