Bianca Ciocca

Tropical dance party from India to Peru

Bianca has created an Electro-Tropical-Worldmusic genre of her own; an organic fusion of electronic music with Reggae, Cumbia, Dub, Soul, Hip Hop. Her undeniable charisma on stage and her unique voice with seductive inflections - as well as her insane dancing performances - have seduced particularly the scenes in Berlin, Rome and Barcelona. Bianca developed her music style through her numerous adventures throughout Asia, Latin America and Africa. These destinations inspired her with fascinating ethnic beats and broadened her musical horizons, something which is obvious in her sets. Her powerful voice contrasts with her sweet appearance - it is rare to listen to such sensitivity, finesse and power all from one person. She is constantly creating new music and working on her distinctive musical sound. At the moment she is preparing upcoming shows for her new Album Jungle Tropical Feeling. Her single SIGO CAMINANDO is currently being played in Mexico with Worldwide Records.

Bianca’s powerful and engaging voice sounds perfectly in harmony with the trumpets notes and with the rest of the band, bewitching the public and leading them through an overwhelming musicalworld journey!

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