Gabriela Mendes

The magnificent voice of Cape Verde

“At four years old, listening to my mom singing at home, I discovered the pleasure of the music of my country. Great musicians like the violinist Malaquias often came to rehearse at home to play in religious cultural events.” Gabriela Mendes sang the nights of “tocatina” in all the bars of Cape Verde islands, she participated in many festivals, including Santa Maria Festival on the island of Sal, Praia Cruz Festival, cradle of the Morna. Gabriela made her appearance in France on December 15, 2005 at the China Club to present her first record “Tradição”. For us it’s a budding diva! Opportunities to perform abroad are rare, - “my islands are far of the world “- but the young woman, is already serious and deep, long meditated on loneliness, nostalgia,” sodade “, she dreams today to transmit to the public of the whole world the history and traditions of Cape Verde “.

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