Icona Cluster

Entering the next generation of Funk

After 3 years of concerts in Italy and Europe and after countless jams in the scene of Bologna, the funk band Fake Jam reinvented itself, towards a completely new project with Italian instead of English lyrics. This didn’t touch the groove and so Fake Jam became Icona Cluster relatively painlessly. The backstory of this formation dates back to October 16, 2017, the official founding date of Fake Jam. Never far from the funk of the great era, their lyrics and groove are driven by a strong desire to speak out on current issues, on the present and future of a generation that wants to gain a more authentic and deeper perspective on life and soul. Hence the play on words: In a false, superficial and aggressive world, their name led the word fake, thus counteracting the actual problem.

In fact, however, the band is always looking for the greatest possible depth with their work, which is why they have now also found way back to their native language and thus more authenticity.

Line Up

  • Antonio Rapa - Drums
  • Gianluca Arcesilai - Electric Guitar
  • Mattia Elmi - Lead vocals, Guitar
  • Luca Impellizzeri - Percussion, Samples
  • Daniele Cristani - Electric bass
  • Giovanni Tamburini - Trumpet
  • Manuel Goretti - Keyboard

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Tel: +49 (0)176 99775788


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