Karamu Afro Collective

Cause Africa Rulez

Karamu Afro Collective is an ensemble made up of 7 musicians, two of which have African origins. The music played by the group is a mixture of traditional Black AfroBeat Music influenced by modern worldmusic, the result of which is a live performance full of energy. The group features a main singer who drives the 7 piece ensemble: Micol Touadi, whose background is a combination of African (Congo) and Italian sounds and culture.

Line Up

  • Micol Touadi - Vocals
  • Valerio Sepe - Lead Guitar
  • Daniel Ventura - Saxophone
  • Alessandro Trani - Drums
  • Alessandro Pollio - Keyboard
  • Vito Cardellicchio - Percussion

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Tel: +49 (0)176 99775788