Scout in this Mondo Exotica

DJ Tomahawk from Munich has a incomparable moving vita all along the last three decades of music history. Start DJing in the early 80s in Punk, Late Soul, Ska and more psychedlic genre in and around Munich, forming and disband a group with T. Eckert of the later “2-Raumwohnung”, Tomahawk made his first residency in legendary “Circus Gammelsdorf”. Here he was warming up and do the aftershows for bands like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and so. When this gem burned down in 1994, Tomahawk finished an 7 years longing residency and learned which an professional DJ is meant to know.

Not settling down Tomahawk is soon changing to more technoid music and participate as a DJ in a number of early 90s raves along DJ Hell, Underground Residence, Blake Baxter, Tom Novy, Acid Scout and other “pioneers”. Reinforced by positive international feedback he is starting his own vinyl productions and become after millenium a Tour DJ for “Ritmo die Bacardi” and german broadcasting Viva TV touring all along Gemany and Europe.

After heavy sickness Tomahawk was reincarnating with his formats Swing Junction and Mondo Exotica and tons of new material on Soundcloud. His style became even more distinctive in the last year and with an backup 30 years of music knowledge Tomahawk shows surefire selection and out of this world mixing skills. Be part of his Mondo Exotica.

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Tel: +49 (0)176 99775788