Berlins legendary remix DJ

Nellski’s musical roots are electronic. Nevertheless, his DJ career began with Balkan brass music. First on stage and then in radio It was not long until he was looking for combinations with electronic music. Of corse Electro Swing was added quickly. Today, his repertoire has grown immensely.

He combines the 4/4-beat with music of all corners of the world or juicy times and likes to play with nice memories of his audience. Without a doubt in Nellski’s world danceability and humor belong together.

As a part of the Monda Exotica DJ team with DJ Tomahawk he organizes parties with same name in Berlin. After his first Releases with Bomba Titinka on ChinChin Records and Skazka Orchestra on Acker Records won recognition he became part of the LudwigSound family.

Furthermore he works as audio engineer and occasional broadcaster for the Berlin based broadcast and YouTube talkshow Rederei FM as well as graphic artist for event and music promotion.

Berlins legendary vintage remix DJ and the producer of Bomba Titinka, Italians support band of Parov Stelar …

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