Get involved into Ludwig Sound

Quality events affort quality partners

Ludwig Sound and our artists are involved into many great projects and events like Cirque Musical or Zoot Suit Riot. It's a fabulous revenue to experience the reception of the audience and we plan to go on organizing our own events for the next decades.

Unfortunately best ideas cost often also good money. So it's sometimes demeaning that we can't affort realising some of our best ideas in order to create optimal events for everyone.

This kind of events are always visited by a significant number (from 150 to >1000 guests) of open minded people. In fact we are gathering a solid customer base for anyone who is aiming that crowd. That's the point where Ludwig Sound is calling upon you.

If you want to become an official event sponsor we are offering you scalable solutions regarding your budget and pointing to best results in visibility and attraction. Please use our Contact Form or write to info[at]ludwigsound.com for requesting an individual offer.