Voodoo Sound Club

Ancestral Voodoo Jazz and Social Movement

An explosive mixture of funky, afrobeat, jazz, gnawa music, Afro-Cuban music, psychedelia and songs of struggle and social commitment, which brings jazz back to all forms of black music that made entire generations dance on the original African matrix.

Animist music to listen but above all to dance in a concert with strong ritual connotations. The repertoire, mainly featuring original songs but also selected covers of Manu Dibango, Fela Kuti and Jimi Hendrix, has a strong focus on energetic dance beats. The hypnotic repetition of rhythmic progressions and the torrential improvisations of sax imbued with precious expressive intensity, explode into a more ritual and ancestral dimension that stimulates audiences on an intellectual, physical and emotional dimension.

In recent years VSC have collaborated with leading artists such as Roy Paci, Gianluca Petrella and important African percussionists such as Billy Konatè and Sire Doumbouya. VSC has played in clubs and venues all over Italy, as well as national and international festivals such as Milano Film Festival, Berchidda Time in Jazz , Christiania Festival (Copenhagen) , Felabration Day Bologna 2011. Mantova Jazz Festival and at the Merchant City Festival in Glasgow on the occasion of the London 2012 Olympic Games In 2012 he was commissioned to play a live concert from Rai studios, which was broadcasted on Radiotre Suite Jazz . In 2013 was developed a recording and live project that combines the music of VS

After years of research and experimentation behind the scenes, VSC is about to release a new single ahead of the release of his new album scheduled for Fall 2021. The album pays homage to the history of nations that have achieved independence from colonialism.

Without forgetting that colonialism, with its harmful influences, has not yet definitively disappeared from our planet.

A full immersion in afrobeat, in between jazz and funky and with an extraordinary rhythmic impact …


Line Up

  • Guglielmo Pagnozzi - Sax, Synth, Voice
  • Davide Angelica - Guitar
  • Salvatore Lauriola - Bass
  • Danilo Mineo - Percussions
  • Gaetano Alfonsi - Drums
  • Alessandro Altarocca - keyboards


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Tel: +49 (0)176 99775788