Batiar Gang

Balkan Blatnik Trash Mashup

After the first four years of Balkan, Borschtsch and Blatnik, the musical profile of this band is more sophisticated than ever before. With their first LP “Go East”, the gang from Leipzig has crossed many styles and was breaking boundaries for eastern music. Where traditionals meet on trance-hall, cumbia drifts to klezmer and high-speed polka turns into dramatic horns, Batiar Gang is around. Several trips to the east have contributed to the broad soundscape, lyrics and thrilling features on the album. The gifted live band takes the audience on a journey leaving them without memories to their everyday struggle. This has been proven on countless stages throughout Europe.

Inspired by the positive response to the first record, the band is now turning to new ideas to refine their special sound and take it to the next level. The gang will go on touring and not abandon their mission: to present authentic music, which is impossible categorize.

Line Up

  • Lisa - Vocals
  • Marc - Bass
  • Alex - Guitar
  • Sebastian - Drums, Percussion
  • Mathias - Saxophone, Clarinet
  • Tony - Trumpet, Horn
  • Josephine - Trumpet
  • Michael - Trumpet
  • Stefan - Accordeon

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Tel: +49 (0)176 99775788