Berliner Schnauze meets international flair

Founded in 2008 by five Berliners, BudZillus have grown into one of the German capital’s most successful and well-known bands; their first two albums showcased their captivating combination of swing, punk and Balkan beats – a unique sound of Berlin which was born on the streets.

After more than 500 concerts both nationally and internationally, including tours in the USA, Russia and Mexico, the band have earned themselves an incredibly loyal fan-base, regularly filling concert halls with capacities of up to 1000 people.

Their sound is ‘Berlin Schnauze (the humour of the Berliners) meets homemade warmth’ and it creates the most insane atmosphere. BudZillus’ concerts are like a big Balkan wedding party – people singing, dancing and sweating, both on and off stage alike.

It’s insane balkan music, crazy like a young monkey, musically a wild mix of styles – a bit of swing, a bit of ska, a lot of polka. But it’s not about the genre, it’s about the huge excess in itself, the exuberant, pure energy. The jokey lyrics are thrown out like you’d chuck vodka glasses at a wall with the aim of shattering them today to find happiness tomorrow.



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