Coogans Bluff

Captain Beefheart-esque blues deconstruction

Where any other band would get stuck in a rut or completely dissolve, Coogans Bluff managed to completely reinvent themselves when their singer left the band in 2012. These difficult times were completely avoided when their bassist Clemens Marasus stepped up to the plate and took on the role of their front man. They managed to completely transform their unique sound and develop a new identity and it’s now hard to imagine them any other way. They are a band who know how to combine precious elements from many different worlds and produce a sound which is retro but contemporary and wins over the hearts of retro-rock traditionalists, whilst still expressing experimental, fresh and daring ideas. Kick back and relax and have a listen – we’ll see you again in outer space.


[Coogans Bluff creates a] blend of 60s/70s-Hardrock, Hippie-Funk and some kind of Captain Beefheartesque Blues deconstruction.

Rolling Stone


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