Electronic time machine

Lamuzguele means: back to retro. With costumes from another time, catchy melodies and French influenced electro-swing, their love for intense performances saturated with more energy than you’ve ever seen is blindingly obvious, and all they want is to share their positivity, music and unbridled joy. They bring the swing music of the 20’s back to your ears, but this time injected with modern electro beats.

The band was born of 6 musicians in 2008 in the Alps. After their debut album – Radio Berets & Disco Zina (2012) – they gigged all over France and then finally Europe opened its doors.

In 2013 alone they performed almost 50 gigs throughout Europe, playing at prestigious venues such as the Moulin Rouge (Paris) and also all over the United Kingdom – London, Liverpool, Bristol and Portsmouth to name a few – on their unforgettable UK tour. They then played all over Germany (Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig being particular highlights), Switzerland (Lausanne and Baden) and Italy (Milan, Rome, Florence and Turin) on an incredibly successful European tour.

Right from the get-go they chose to write their songs in French, and despite all of their travels across Europe they have consciously decided to stick to their roots and continue with their authentically French-sound. The narrative, and at times ironic, lyrics stir the audience into a frenzy when they hear the contagious electro-rhythms.

They have travelled far and wide throughout Europe, and thanks to the internet they met and collaborated with renowned artists such as Lyre le Temps, Jenova Collective, Bart & Baker, Senor Zazou (KKC Orchestra), Grant Lazlo, Slamboree (UK), Defunk (Canada) and Jazzotron (Serbia). They worked on their songs with these artists for their remix album Bada Boom Boom Swing Remixes (2015) and reveled in the exchange of ideas, tunes and samples which took 10 months of hard work and love to produce.


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