He brings justice to the floor

LordJustice brings to you the finest in British Electro-Swing. Old fashioned as he is, he mixes everything per hand, providing a 1920s retrospective spanning everything with a jive, a groove or a swing to it. Obscure samples and cinematic breaks is what sets LordJustice apart from the rest, this vinyl archaeologist is someone definitely not to be missed.

LordJustice began his career in Switzerland learning the ropes with a diet of deep-house/minimal-tech, before moving to London in 2009, where he discovered Electro-Swing. After organising parties throughout London, he set his sights on Berlin where he currently resides as the King of Swing. Throwing regular events in Chalet and Brunnen70, Lordjustice is very much a part of the Berlin scene.

Not one, not two but three decks pumping out electroswing madness!

Rumpus London

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Tel: +49 (0)176 99775788