Mefisto Brass

Brass techno from thestreets of Milan

The Mefisto Brass project was born in 2019 in Milan. The group, in the form of a Street Band, offers an original repertoire, the result of a collective composition method based on improvisation and the reworking of sounds typical of electronic music, reformulating and adapting them to a formation composed exclusively of wind instruments and percussion.

The band becomes part of the Milanese scene and quickly starts gaining recognition throughout Italy, thanks to an intense activity of busking and street performances that lead the group to collect numerous appearances in clubs, concert halls, and festivals, totaling more than 160 dates.

In 2020, Mefisto Brass released their first EP, “Amhardcore,” and in the fall of 2023, their album “Totem” will be released.

Line Up

  • Giacomo Bertazzoni - Tenor Saxophone
  • Lorenzo Faraò- Baritone Saxophone
  • Niccolò Pozzi - Sousaphone
  • Fabio Danusso - Snare Drum
  • Davide Turolla - Bass Drum


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Tel: +49 (0)176 99775788