Pyro-Circus Rave Massive!!

Recently described as a mash up of Basement Jaxx and The Rocky Horror Picture Show performing at The Moulin Rouge, Slamboree are a one-of-a-kind ensemble who present a show that is unique to every performance. Led by award-winning producer Mike Freear, Slamboree features up to 15 multi-skilled theatrical performers and musicians creating an extravagant and immersive audio visual experience. Brought together by synths and electronic beats created by Mike and powerhouse vocals from Kathika Rabbit, Slamboree effortlessly combine electronic dance music with live instruments. Slamboree have clocked up over half a million YouTube hits, have over 30k facebook friends and have taken the UK festival circuit by storm with their live show and they haven’t even released an album yet…

If you were going to design the perfect festival band this would be it.

Louder than War (2015)


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